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We'd like to welcome you to the 2nd issue of EcoMentor Project Newsletter
In this issue:

  • EcoMentor project results and work in progress
  • EcoMentror vocational education and training (VET) course for mentors in eco-industry (DIMITRA)
  • Timing is Everything – UK Waste Management Vocational Qualifications and the Mentoring Role (ICERMS)
  • Future activities of EcoMentor project

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Last few months were very busy for the EcoMentor Partnership with finalising the Standard of professional competence for mentor in eco-industry (SPC) and Training programme modules.
The process was time-consuming because the materials were consulted with external experts - mentors of eco-industry throught online forum (evaluation questionnaire) and direct consultations. 

After Project Partners complete the final version of SPC and Training programme modules all the materials will be available on the project website.


EcoMentor vocational education and training (VET) course for mentors in eco-industry


The EcoMentor VET course addresses professionally active people in eco-industry, who do not have the potential to attend long courses. In order to make the participation as much accessible for the mentors in eco-industry as possible, the training course will be developed as a blended learning course.

What is a blended learning? Blended learning is a combination of traditional face-to-face learning with parts of online and/or independent learning.

What are blended learning course benefits? A blended learning course has many advantages as it breaks down the traditional walls of teaching. Blended learning offers flexible time frames that can be personalised to learners offering them the ability to learn at their own tempo. Moreover, the learning experience can be tailored for each learner especially nowadays with access to information and communications technologies (ICT) and resources. 

What will be planned in the context of the EcoMentor project? The blended learning can come in numerous shapes, however, in this project, a work-based learning approach will be applied and the following tools will be used:





The content of the course will be based on knowledge, skills and competences that a mentor in eco-industry should have. The training material will be developed in four languages: English, Greek, Italian and Polish. Mentors working at the eco-industry sector in Greece and Poland will have the ability to pilot test the EcoMentor course and they will also have the opportunity to share good practices, ask questions and provide feedback according to their work experience.




Timing is Everything – UK Waste Management Vocational Qualifications and the Mentoring Role

by Scott Crossett (ICERMS)




The timing of the development of the EcoMentor project outputs could not be better as far as the UK marketplace is concerned. We as a nation have had an excellent agenda as far as the vocational qualifications in the waste sector are concerned.

This agenda in the sector, however, has not extended to the area of mentoring and this new qualification will be a welcome addition underpinning a suite of qualifications already available in the sector.

The timing is also fortuitous in the context of the new Modern Apprenticeships in the waste sector as there push to prominence creates an opportunity to formalise the role of the mentor in this modern apprenticeship agenda.

They say timing is everything which is very true however there is also the notion of being in the right place at the right time. This mentoring qualification may just meet those criteria as far as the UK marketplace is concerned. 

>>








Right now EcoMentor Partnership will work on the blended learning VET course for mentors in eco-industry. The course will be tested during the pilot training starting in 2018 in Poland and Greece.

If you want to be informed about the pilot course, please sign up for more information.







Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute (IOŚ-PIB)


Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute (ITeE-PIB)




Dimitra Education & Consulting


International Centre for the Environment, Resource Management & Sustainability Limited (ICERMS)




3rd Partnership meeting

The Partners of the EcoMentor project will meet for the third time for a transnational partner meeting in Italy. The host of the meeting will be SINERIE and the meeting will be held at their headquarter in Reggio Emilia, in the Emilia-Romagna region.












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