Intellectual Outputs

The EcoMentor project main results are: 

O1 Standard of professional competence for mentor in eco-industry (SPC)

A standard of professional competence (SPC) will be developed for mentors working in sub-sectors of the eco-industry.

Following CertiMenTu the O1 follows the framework created for general mentors’ competences. The SPC for the eco-industry will focus on small/medium sized enterprises and within the following subsectors: waste management, recycled materials, and renewable energy.

The SPC model will follow:

Professional tasks, list of professional competences, relations between the professional competences and the level of qualification in the European Qualification Framework, description of common social competences.

Tasks for IO1:

  1. Development of unified methodology for analysis of competences of mentors in eco-industry
  2. Conducting the research on competences of mentors in eco-industry
  3. Development of initial version of the SPC
  4. Consultation and evaluation of the initial version of the SPC
  5. Final version of SPC

The standard of professional competences (SPC) for mentors of eco-industry was based on the framework of general mentors' competences developed in CertiMenTu project. The structure of the standard is related to the 3 types of descriptors used in EQF (knowledge, skills, competences - KSC). The competences of mentors are defined at level 5 of EQF. The final version of the standard was developed at the end of the project (after the pilot testing of the VET course (IO3) and the evaluation of the certification programme (IO4)).

O2 Training programme for mentors in eco-industry

The vocational educational training (VET) programme for eco-mentors will be developed based on the SPC from O1.

The VET programme will be broken into modules related to the professional tasks. This type of training should equip the participants with the knowledge, skills and competences for their specific eco-mentoring tasks.

Tasks for IO2:

  1. Determination of list of Modules
  2. Definition of learning outcomes and units of learning outcomes
  3. Development of initial version of VET programme
  4. Evaluation plan development
  5. Consultation and evaluation of the initial version of the VET programme
  6. The final version of the VET programme

Modular training programme for mentors in eco-industry. The VET programme for mentors in eco-industry was developed based on the standard of professional competence (IO1). Based on the results of discussions and consultations within the partnership and consulted among the stakeholders from eco-industry, the final list of modules was developed. Every vocational training module includes the learning outcomes, a list of modular units, scheme of the modular unit system, recommended literature, and source materials. Units of learning outcomes were developed in a way that is highly consistent with ECVET and EQF. The training programme was designed with blended learning methods: face-to-face learning, work based learning and e-learning platform (IO3). After the evaluation procedure, including conclusions and suggestions stemming from the forum discussions, questionnaire results and evaluations from mentors the VET programme was updated and finalized.

O3 Blended learning VET course for mentors in eco-industry

Development of blended learning VET course for mentors in the eco-industry, blending face-to-face and online learning environments (Moodle). The course will contain: the syllabus with training plan, learning outcomes, material for course participants, teaching material for VET trainers, and examination tools for the content.

Tasks for IO3:

  1. Development of the VET course framework
  2. Development of the content of the course
  3. Development of didactic packages: Trainers Handbooks: M0, M1,M2, M3.
  4. Uploading the online course to the e-learning platform
  5. Pilot testing in Greece and Poland
  6. Final version of the VET course

The e-learning platform based on Moodle. It’s an open source course management system (CMS) supported by web browsers. Platform is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, Greek and Italian. Each course consist of: module containing IO1, IO2, IO4, IO5, IO6), 4 modules with training program IO2 and final test. Platform includes forums for teacher-student communication and allows sending private messages. The platform content has been presented using presentation, book module and website. Exercises are available in the form of open questions, multiple choice questions, true-false, matching and uploading files. Access to all theoretical content is open. All the resources developed are available on-line during and after the courses.

O4 Certification system for mentors in the eco-industry

Verification and adaption of the certification model (CertiMenTu) for mentors to the specific nature of the eco-industry. Following this an elaboration of certifying documents based on “Conformity Assessment” (Standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012).

Applying candidates must meet specific requirements as outlined in this standard.

Tasks for IO4:

  1. Development of draft certification programme for mentors in eco-industry
  2. Definition of the structure and governance of the certifying body
  3. Consultation and evaluation of certification programme
  4. The final certification programme for mentors in eco-industry 

The Certification Programme was developed as a supporting tool for the EcoMentor qualification. An original version of the certification model was developed as a result of the CertiMenTu project. The EcoMentor version was upgraded to reflect the specific EcoMentor qualification, and in line with the project application requirements. The output was based on ISO/IEC 17024:2012. The standard contains specific requirements that must be met by a candidate applying for the certificate of competence, in terms of her/his level of education, completed training and work experience. Further to this, the certification system provides in-depth guidance – to both assessment centres and certification bodies – through the whole certification process; from registering a candidate, allocating an assessor, the assessment/certification process to the administrative support required to deliver the qualification and certificate a candidate.

O5 Methodological and organizational compendium of ECVET system for mentors in the eco-industry

The publication will be used by mentors to disseminate the ECVET system to their students during the training process.

The publication will include materials concerning the assumptions and implementation of the ECVETthus creating a rich compendium.

Tasks for IO5:

  1. Development of compendium
  2. Final version of the EcoMentor Compendium 

Methodological and organizational compendium of ECVET system for mentors in eco-industry The ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) compendium has been developed providing information about the competences recognition and validation processes in their respective countries. The publication gives an overview of the current state of progress of ECVET tool implementation and other systems available for recognition of competences among different EU states. The Compendium has been conceived as a practical guide on how to use the ECVET system in eco-industry filling the significant gap in materials concerning the assumptions and implementation of ECVET. The Compendium aims at giving a significant impact to implementation and dissemination of ECVET tool, being the significant aid to everyone who will use ECVET tool in every field of vocational education and training.

O6 Monograph summarizing the results of the project

A monograph will be created allowing the project results to be accessible to a wider audience, with a target audience being researchers and VET experts.

Tasks for IO6:

  1. Development of the monograph
  2. Final version of the EcoMentor Monograph

The monograph containing the most important elements from all intellectual outputs, especially from training programme and the certification system. The aim of this publication is to make the project results available, especially to VET experts dealing with formal and non-formal continuing education and to people who are or want to become mentors in eco-industry.
It is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, Greek and Italian on project website and e-learning platform.

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