EcoMentor Kick-off meeting, 8-9.12.2016, Warsaw, Poland

The EcoMentor project looks to create a certification system for mentors in the eco-industry.

The lead partner on EcoMentor is IOS-PIB and so the kick-off meeting was held in Poland at their headquarters in Warsaw. The meeting was a two-day event and attended by members from each of the five partners: IOS-PIB and ITeE-PIB (Poland), ICERMS (UK), SINERGIE (Italy), DIMITRA (Greece). Each partner presented a presentation introducing themselves. This rest of the day focussed on the aims of the project and the action plan for the project itself.

The second day of the project meeting focused on Grant Management, internal project monitoring, and the evaluation of the impact of the project.

The project will last 2 years and is split into six different Intellectual Outputs (IO) these are: IO1 - Standard of professional competence for mentor in eco-industry (SPC); IO2 - Training programme for mentors in eco-industry; IO3 - Blended learning VET course for mentors in eco-industry; IO4 - Certification system for mentors in the eco-industry; IO5 - Methodological and organizational compendium of ECVET system for mentors in eco-industry; IO6 - Monograph summarizing the results of the project.

The full list of IO's and their sub-headings can be found here.


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